List of Indian Trademark Status Explaination

Trademark Status Explaination

List of Indian Trademark Status Explaination

Thousands of applications are filed each day before the Trademark Registry. The complete list of trademark status and their explanation which will help you understand your trademark application better


Your trademark has been registered successfully.

Advertised bef acc

Published in the Indian Trademark gazette without user evidence.

Accepted & Advertised

Published in the Indian Trademark gazette with user evidence.


Application has been objected by Registry and awaiting reply to examination report.


Trademark not prosecuted. (Sometimes even refusal is posted as Abandoned)

Formalities Chk Fail

Translation or Transliteration or minor issues in the trademark application for which Amendment form has to be filed.


Trademark Opposed by 3rd Party.

Formalities Chk Pass

Application filed correctly without issue.


Application is refused due to non-distinctiveness or other grounds of refusal.


Application has not received any fees.


Application have been withdrawn by the applicant himself.

Send Back to EDP

Application has been sent back to section to properly data entry or digitize the application.

Send to PRAS

Pre-Registration Amendment section. If you have filed any amendment to your application PRAS will deal amendment to your application.

Marked for Exam

Application is awaited to be scrutinized by the Examiner of Trademarks.


Advertised before Acceptance and published in Journal

Under Division

International Trademark Application under pending process

Rectification Filed

Rectification petition filed to registered trademark by 3rd party to remove as registered trademark.

New Application Received

New application filed Physically before the Registry Office and still not digitised.

New Application

New Application filed in the trademark office and digitised.

Acceptance Withdrawn Process



Trademark accepted to be published in the trademark gazette without evidence.

Send To Vienna Codification

If Application contains logo or figurative elements then it's data has to be sorted as per Vienna codification.

Exam Report Issued

Application has been accepted or other comments from the examiner of trademarks.


Trademark has been cancelled.


Accepted with user proof and evidence.

IR Cancelled

International Trademark Application has been cancelled.

Protection Granted

International trademark application has been registered in India.


Registered Application has been removed for non-renewal.


Appeal pending before the IPAB on order of the examiner.

Opposition Dismissed

Opposition filed by the 3rd Party has been dismissed.


Review petition filed after an order is passed by the Registry.

Gone to court

Application in dispute before court.

Stay of Registration

Application has been stayed by IPAB or Indian Court.

Opposition Withdrawn

Opposition by 3rd Party has been withdrawn.


Advertised in Trademark Journal

Opposition Time Barred

Opposition cannot be filed further due to 4 month time limit.

Fresh After Payment


Send to Re-Advertised

Application set to be re-advertised after opposition dismissed.


Hearing have been posted on another date.



Forwarded to Govt


Opposition Abandoned

Opposition has not been prosecuted.

Set for Hearing

Application has been posted for hearing.

Hearing Fixed

Application hearing date has been fixed.

Under Rule 56

Application order date has been fixed.

Sent Back to Examiner

After filing amendments to application it will has to been marked for exam.


Trademark Application allowed to be published in Trademark Gazette.

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  • MSME Registration
  • Bank Current Account
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